Ugh, Valentine’s Day

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St. Valentine’s Day for Adults only

Ugh, how much does the single person hate St. Valentine’s Day? It is right up there with New Year’s Eve. Is there still time to book a trip? Sole? More single women spent New Year’s Eve with a dog (pet) than with a man. It there time to get a dog? One of my girlfriends is watching the Westminster Dog Show.  I know she didn’t plan the show’s date. It appears to be perfect planning by the Westminster Dog Show. What about a project that was just assigned and it has to be completed by tomorrow? Or calling in sick?  Or moving to Florida? All of these are just delays, the issues  don’t  get resolved. However, gifts after the 14th cost much less.

Do you make up a Valentine’s Day adventure or tell the truth? Elaine or Jerry, from Seinfeld, for that matter would never admit, they spend February 14, alone. They would dream up a story that was so amazing, no one would believe it.

I conducted a very scientific poll with all the men in the break room at work. Their plans were to break up with their girlfriend and run before the holiday. I don’t think they had factored in breakup sex or the possibity if they purchased the gift card and chocolate at sale price there was makeup sex.

Stabily Married individuals, if that is not an oxymoron by itself, they don’t understand the Valentine Day pressures?  “Is it really true YOU did Not receive roses, Godiva, (because there really is no other chocolate, Sorry Russell Stover, my hometown candy), dinner, sexy lingerie and diamonds.

If you are in a new relationship or kind of new, what is the proper celebration of . Valentine’s Day? Now there  a different added pressure. Is the woman required to give a gift to the man ? When is gift giving required? After a month of dating?   After sexual relations and you have confirmed with Bill Clinton it was sex? Or you want sex and you don’t need Bill Clinton to define what you want?

In my past, which is one reason why I write for the examiner on breakup relationships, my husband gave me very expensive jewelry while he attended an “educational seminar” planned during the holiday with his female partner, I mean girlfriend, His thought was as long as you received the most expensive gift why did you care? Money could buy his way out of anything.

Maybe the best Valentine’s Day was when I was out of town and my significant other of a year, just ignored the day. During our evening call both of us were mad at the other one for doing nothing. Needless to say it was our first and last holiday together.

The thought of asking my significant other for his expectations seems very mature. It sounds like the correct way to handle the situation. No one is hurt or left out. Unless, it is suggested, “let’s not do anything for Valentine’s Day.” This never works because one person doesn’t follow the rule and the other person feels like ****.

The history of Saint Valentine’s Day is very confusing as it includes at least three Valentines. The romantic version, supported by American Greetings is as follows: St Valentine was a Christian and disagreed with Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Ruler thought single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine was secretly marrying soldiers to their sweethearts. Valentine was thrown in jail. However, being the good person that he was performed one last miracle before his death. He gave the ruler’s daughter her sight. The next day before the execution he wrote her a note signed your valentine. I am also a resident of Hallmark country. History has solved my question. A card is the perfect gift.

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