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Batman May Have Been a Yale Law Grad

Posted on 10/08/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Batman fights good and evil every day. He is in the middle of major controversy in Gotham City. He has a civic heart and loves a good debate. Batman May Have Been a Yale Grad- News- ABAJournal. http;// Was Batman a Yale Law Grad? In 1974 he was displaying a law diploma from Yale University […]

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The Three Stages of Divorce

Posted on 10/07/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

The Process of Divorce: Major Phases Three Stages The three stages of divorce are: the emotional divorce, the financial divorce, and the legal divorce. The parties of the marriage should complete the emotional divorce before the financial and legal divorce can be easily resolved. If one of the parties has not worked through the emotions […]

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Who Wants the Divorce?

Posted on 10/04/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Attorneys will tell you that although there are “Do It Yourself” divorce kits readily available, they make up a small percentage of cases. More commonly, amicable divorces become somewhat hostile. Let’s examine the divorce from all three positions: both parties want a divorce, you want the divorce, or your partner wants a divorce. Knowing what […]

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Twenty Two Steps to Save Your Practice or Relationships

Posted on 09/23/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Twenty Two steps to save your practice 1. Admit there is a problem, whatever the source is long as it points to YOU. 2. Stressed out individuals don’t make good decisions. Use a legal sleep aid. 3. Eat healthy foods. Get rid of fast foods, soda, sugar, salts, alcohol and additives you can’t pronounce. 4. […]

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Twenty Two Signs Your Law Practice Is In Trouble

Posted on 09/08/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Twenty Two Signs your practice is in trouble 1. You have missed a Court hearing more than once. 2. Your clients are complaining you aren’t promptly returning their calls. 3. You begin to avoid the office, mail, e-mail, or telephone calls. 4. Your clients appear at your office without an appointment just to talk with […]

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Fairness Hearing for Google Books Settlement

Posted on 08/26/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Fairness Hearing for Google Books Settlement The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers filed a consolidated class action in 2005 after Google announced agreements with libraries to digitize books in the libraries’ collections. Google didn’t obtain copyright permissions before scanning the books. The agreement is 179 pages with 16 attachments. Under the agreement […]

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The Art of Forgiveness

Posted on 07/27/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Ethics: The Art of Forgiveness In this day and age of over-litigation, people are afraid to say, “ I am sorry” However, the act of taking responsibility and being sympathetic with another should be the norm, not the rare event. After experiencing a bad or sad event people need human compassion. I believe many lawsuits […]

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