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Ugh, Valentine’s Day

Posted on 02/10/11 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

St. Valentine’s Day for Adults only Ugh, how much does the single person hate St. Valentine’s Day? It is right up there with New Year’s Eve. Is there still time to book a trip? Sole? More single women spent New Year’s Eve with a dog (pet) than with a man. It there time to get […]

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Basic Ethics Overbilling and Sex with a Client

Posted on 01/14/11 by Kimberley Kellogg 1 Comment

Legal Ethics American Bar Association Ex-Big Law Partner Disbarred for Bogus Time Entries, Expensed Meals for Internet Dates Posted Jan 12, 2011 10:21 AM CST By Debra Cassens Weiss • Email • Print • Reprints • The New Jersey Supreme Court has disbarred a former BigLaw partner for creating phony time records, having sex with […]

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Military Relationships

Posted on 12/01/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Today, I asked one of my friends if he had a military relationship story for my on relationships. His reply was better than any story I have read or heard. Please give me your comments on this powerful story. If only Washington D.C. heard this story. My friend replied, “Well, my family as you, […]

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Apology / Thanksgiving at the Plaza

Posted on 11/23/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Apology. My computer has died. Yes, I back up my computer weekly. I am in the middle of finals without a computer and writing a final paper on my iPhone. Who has time to research  which computer to purchase and have it set-up? I hope to be up and running within a week. Thanksgiving at […]

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Domestic Violence Part 2 of 3

Posted on 11/08/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

To be continued. . . . What can you do about it?  The first step is to be aware of danger signals.  If you are following our advice and have your own therapist please share with him any comments or behaviors that appear threatening, no matter how “off the cuff” or “joking” they appear. Be […]

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month 1 of 3 Articles on Abuse

Posted on 11/01/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Abuse, physical or mental, is a leading cause of divorce.  It is difficult for those who are not in an abusive relationship to understand why anyone would put up with abuse.  Due to the proliferation of abuse shelters where battered persons can interact with professionals we are learning more about the psychological profile of abused […]

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October 30: National Forgiveness Day

Posted on 10/31/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Relationships: the Art of Forgiveness How many times have you apologized in your relationship? Were you sincere or were you just stating cold and indifferent sentences to get by? There is an art to forgiveness. Many couples continue to argue about the same issues. It is important to resolve the issues, and if that isn’t […]

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Hot Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Posted on 10/21/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

This last week I asked for tips to improve your relationship. The following are the tips I received directly or indirectly. Please let me know which tip you believe to be the best. Reader or Others Tips Stay single??? Mike B. Open the car door for her on the first date, and compliment her on […]

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Psychological Changes You Will Experience After Your Divorce – Part II

Posted on 10/15/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Life After Divorce Expect to have several more sessions with your therapist after the divorce decree is final. You might not be over the depression of the loss. The aftershock of the reality of a new life will require some adjustments. Once you do take on the goal of seeking happiness again you are still […]

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Psychological changes you will experience during a divorce Part I

Posted on 10/14/10 by Kimberley Kellogg No Comments

Anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment, bitterness, depression and/or grief are some of the emotions you will experience. There are supposedly several stages of grief but grief is only one of the many and strong emotions you will probably experience. The final stage of grief is acceptance, but some people never get over a divorce. Denial is […]

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