About Kimberley

Kimberley graduated from University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. She was an assistant special public defender for several years, then opened her own law firm. The majority of her practice was criminal defense and domestic litigation across two states and 13 counties. She was a solo practitioner in Kansas and Missouri for 11 years. During that time she tried 20 jury cases in federal and state court. During the trial of OJ Simpson in 1994 she served as a local commentator and legal analyst on television. She has served on the Missouri Committee for Solo and Small Offices, the Kansas Court Committee on Media and the Law, and the National Association of Criminal Lawyers Legislative Committee.

About Kimberley’s CLE

Kimberley Kellogg is an expert in the ethical dilemmas that occur in the practice of law. She combines state case law, the model rules of professional conduct and her personal experiences throughout the disbarment process to educate legal professionals and to provide insightful experience. Kimberley has the courage as a lawyer [not presently practicing] to share her experience, in the hope that others will not reach the point she did,(disbarment). She offers compassion for her past clients, opposing counsel and the courts. She provides solutions for stress management and down to earth advice on how to remain grounded. She is available to speak at conferences and seminars on legal ethics. She is currently a court approved mediator in Missouri. Kimberley will soon be a published author with her new book; “Your Survival Guide to Divorce.”